About Us

Round Rock Referral Network is an independent Industry Specific network of business professionals. One person per industry, and one industry per person. The primary purpose of our group is to provide each other with quality referrals.

Our group started in 2003 with the principle of building friendships that lead to trust. Our members pass many referrals each week ! Each meeting starts with a blessing to help us keep focused on helping each other and seeing our members as powerful referral partners.

The membership process is weeks long and each potential member must give references. We only accept people that are good at what they do and conduct their business with integrity.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to our Weekly Zoom Meetings (in person meetings we will consider at a later date)
  • Access to our Round Rock Referral Group Facebook page
  • Every few months a 10 minute featured talk - focus for that member is for the entire week
  • Members are Featured on Our Website, Including a link to their business website or social media page and their contact information on the Members page
  • A long established culture of Friendship, Caring, and Referrals