Member Requirements

Round Rock Referral Network is an independent Industry Specific network of business professionals; one person per industry, and one industry per person. The primary purpose of our group is to provide each other with quality referrals.

Membership may be attained through a four step process:

  1. Attend four meetings in a row.
  2. Have three one-to-ones (1/1) with 3 out of the 4 members of the leadership team. We encourage having 1/1 with other members as well. See Members Page (indicated with**) for Leadership Team Members
  3. Complete an application (click here) and turn it in via email  or in person to any of the membership team.
  4. A small membership fee is due, currently $30 for maintenance of the website & domain and other expenses that may come up.

The four things required once you are a member and defines membership in the group are:

  1. Show Up
  2. Participate
  3. Pass Quality Referrals
  4. Do what you say you're going to do, and if You Screw Up, Fix It!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The leadership team has put a cap on membership at 40 members.

Substitutes are permitted to act on behalf of no more than one member plus themselves. Regular members don't qualify to sub for another member.

To lose your membership simply don't show up for three weeks in a row, or miss 6 meetings over a rolling three month period, and your industry will be open. Our next months roster your slot will open. For attendance purposes, arrival after the presentation begins will be considered absent. Once you drop off of regular membership status, you can still come to the meetings, but would not get the member benefits.

You will be notified when your name is removed from the membership attendance list.